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15 January 2009 @ 04:15 pm
let's have some fun, this beat is sick  
Well kidlets, it's been a while!
I feel horrible for not updating for a very long time, and I promise it shouldn't happen again.
I noticed a lot of rotation sites closing down, and it gave me insentive to update here. ♥
I won't be writing extensive reviews anymore, since that's what I dread most about updating, so I'm only going to write a few words on it, and move on. (:
5 songs to start, since it's exam season for me, and I should actually be studying and doing work. ♥

O1. The Time is Now - capsule
Personally, I used to hate this song, and I thought it was the worst off of MORE! MORE! MORE!. Now, though, I can't go through a day without listening to it. I adoreee this song now, it's so amazing, and it really embodies what capsule is, I think. ♥

O2. JUMPER - capsule
JUMPER was the first single heard off of MORE! MORE! MORE! It's completely amazing and I adore it. ♥
It starts out slow, which only builds up to the fast paced chorus. ♥ JUMPER was an instant favourite, and it's serious fun to dance to.

O3. the mutations of life - capsule
the mutations of life is a really laid back song, with a catchy beat. ♥ Toshiko's english is pretty good - I can understand most of what she is saying. The overall feeling of this song is so nice and sweet~ I could listen to it forever.
The chorus with "no,no,no,no,no" sounds really cute. ♥ This is just a really cute song.

O4. e.d.i.t - capsule
This song is so amazing. ♥
e.d.i.t is a true dancing song, and is so fun. I can't say more about it other than that it is completely amazing.

O5. dream theater - Infected Mushroom
I don't even know what to say about this. The song is amazing, like all Infected Mushroom songs. ♥
While the song starts off kind of ominous, it gets to be really amazing. I'll be uploading a lot of IM.
Evachikalita on January 18th, 2009 02:22 am (UTC)
Taking "The Mutations of Life". :)

My heck, I had completely forgotten about this community! I was going through my bookmarks and pretty much died of excitement when I saw it was updated. :)